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Please be advised for the safety of our members some areas of this website can only be accessed by registered members of Troop 320.  Scouting can help nurture courage and kindness and allow scouts to play, to laugh, to develop their imaginations and to express their feelings.  We want our scouts to be aware of their own potential. Helping a scout to learn the value of his own worth is the greatest gift we can give them.  Our leaders are volunteers who are committed to each scout's success and focus on that goal in every activity we offer. We participate in monthly campouts and events, which are designed to help the scouts grow and learn. Be Prepared... to be amazed by Troop 320. Our Troop is open to all scouts in middle and high school or a minimum of age 11. If you are looking for an elementary aged group, please visit Pack 320 at scouts320.org.

Troop 320 has respective troops for boys or girls.  


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Eagle Project Thank You

Posted by jmatteson on Aug 1 2021 - 5:51pm

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped with my project I really appreciate it. We got all the work done in those two days from having so many people willing to come out and participate. This item is missing from a volunteer who is not in the troop so if anyone has seen a Wooster extension pole that is beige with a green rubber on the end that is 3'-6' extension please let me know. Thanks again everyone!!

Janine's Eagle Project

Posted by mrose on Jul 26 2021 - 7:32pm

Here is the link for the GoFundMe for Janine's Eagle Project. Please donate if possible.



Janine's Eagle Project

Posted by mrose on Jul 20 2021 - 8:41pm

Janine's eagle project dates are 7/31-8/1 and possibly the weekend right after. There will be an opportunity to get the painting merit badge and the home repair merit badge. Make sure to sign up at least one day before the project so they know how many people are attending.

Congratulations to Estaban Jimenez

Posted by jhwetmore on Jun 9 2021 - 2:45pm

Congratulations to Estaban Jimenez for earning his Eagle Scout Rank.

ALL Summer Camp Attendees!! - Medical Form Reminder

Posted by jhwetmore on Jun 9 2021 - 2:45pm

Troop Blue and Troop Gold - Medical forms are required for summer camp. Please make sure to turn in a BSA medical form, parts A, B1, B2 & C, signed by a physician prior to attending summer camp. This is a requirement from BSA and the camps for both Troop Blue and Troop Gold. The medical form must be dated within the last 12 months.

Court of Honor on June 7 (This Monday)

Posted by khoffstaetter on Jun 3 2021 - 3:01pm

Both Troops will be having their Court of Honor ceremonies this coming Monday.

Courts of Honor are the periodic recognition for the Scouts and their achievements. There will ceremonies for each Troop, and food provided between. We encourage you to come celebrate as a family!

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